Sphelix The Popstar of all Shapes designed by Johnny Hawkes
the evolved sphere

nvented in 1979 by Johnny Hawkes and David Constable. The inspiration for this new shape was found in a small helical crack which developed in the cast of a resin ball. From this, the concept evolved into a two-part form that seamlessly entwines to create a perfect sphere. Having conceived The Sphelix, it was then realised in concrete form. An Archimedes screw was used as a guide to the complex internal geometry. “We hand fashioned a clay ball and with a homemade gig and cutting head, sliced and shaped the first sphelix. It was a eureka moment.” The result is an entity that combines internal and metamorphic elegance with organic structural unity: a concrete representation of harmony and integrity in four dimensions. Since 1988 Johnny has been working on it developing the 3 areas of art, products and branding. David has run Candle Makers Supplies for over 40 years and has a Royal Warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales. He currently makes candles for some of TV’s best drama programmes like Game of Thrones. His website is www.candlemakers.co.uk

In a nutshell, the mother of all forms.