Sphelix The Popstar of all Shapes designed by Johnny Hawkes
Photo Competition

free entry open to anyone, 1x photo only per person.

photo must contain all or part of the Sphelix sculpture located on the north side Piazza next to the new Apple Store between sept 18th. – 28th.

digital manipulation of the photo is ok.

Email your pic to johnny@sphelix.com as 640 x 480px by 300dpi resolution.

you retain copyright of your photo but acknowledge by entry that it can be used free at any time, anyhow & any place to promote all or part of the Sphelix brand. the only prize is for the judged best photo.

the judges are Jamie Anley JAM director; Will Knight LDF director and Johnny Hawkes Sphelix creator.

the decision of the judges is final and will be published on or before Oct 7th.

the winner receives a unique metallic blue half Sphelix 30cms diameter. it was made in 2007 as part of the Sphelix research programme, has never been offered for sale and is worth over £1k.

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